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School Clubs is a during and afterschool club service which comes to your school and runs clubs in a  safe space which are full of fun, enriching activities after school, every day of the school year.

Participation in afterschool clubs has consistently increased over the past 10 years, rising by nearly 2 million children in the last five years alone. In 2014, nearly one-quarter of families and 18 percent of children rely on afterschool clubs to provide a safe and supportive environment, inspire learning, and fill the gap between when the school day ends and when the workday ends.

Each day after school, our quality afterschool clubs are keeping kids safe; inspiring them to learn; serving as a source of support and comfort to working families; and even helping working parents be more productive at work and keep their jobs 

While participation in afterschool clubs has increased, the unmet demand for afterschool club continues to rise. More than 2 in 5 children —would participate if programs were available.

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Quality Sessions Every Time

  • DBS certified teachers

  • Minimum Club Size From 8 Students

  • Over 100 Clubs To Offer

  • Flexible Start Date

  • All Learning Abilities

  • All School Types


Thumbs Up!

Parents’ overall satisfaction with their child’s afterschool clubs remains high; in fact, parents today are much more satisfied than in the past with external afterschool clubs and hold stronger positive feelings regarding the benefits of afterschool clubs.


All In One Provider

With over 100 clubs to choose from in all subjects from tech to dance and weekly workshop options we are proud to be titled as the largest extra curricular provider in the UK.  We are wide spread and nationwide with experience working together with several different school types.

Multiple Options

School Clubs offers a wide range of age-appropriate activities that spark new interests for children, enriching their school day with fun experiences and chances to make new friends.

Modern Clubs

It’s never about Maths and English. Lets talk Young Engineers, Robotics, Lego, Pottery, Fashion Design, Film Making, Street Dance and Coding!

Structured Sessions

Each club is designed to be a fun group experience taught by amazing instructors, encouraging children to feel at home at school by encouraging them to make friends outside of their own forms with other students of similar ages and interests.


Timetables must always be finalized at least 1 week before the start date, we provide all parents slips (optional) and brochures for registration.

There is no club more successful then Young Engineer run by School Clubs! Children and parents love it!

Linda Haughton • Headteacher of St Josephs School

School Type Demographic

Year 2019-2010

Single Service Provider

With School Clubs you can equip yourself with different clubs with a single customer service contact.

Best of all, each of your club choices will appear on one consolidated invoice or we will administrate the clubs in one go. And, you’ll get it all at low rates to help you control costs and provide for the socio economic area accordingly.

School Clubs is a single provider that provides virtually all the school clubs your school needs — simply and more economically.

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