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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you affiliated with any religion?2019-12-31T02:45:48+00:00

School Clubs does not incorporate religion into our curriculum.

Certain religious events and holidays which are culturally significant may be celebrated during the year with a non-religious focus. For example, in December we may theme our clubs to celebrate the holiday seasons with Santa, trees, snowmen and non-religious music such as “Jingle Bells”. We are diverse company that encompasses many religions and cultures and we endeavor to be sensitive to every family’s beliefs.

What qualifications do your teachers hold?2019-12-31T02:41:48+00:00

The club leaders are enhanced DBS certified, have minimum of 3 years teaching experience* and are trained in the subject that they are teaching. We also strive to provide our staff with continued education in the area of Early Childhood Education. Each staff member also undergoes an extensive background check, references and police checks.

Can I sit in with my child in class?2019-12-31T02:36:46+00:00

School Clubs is an in-school club. School Clubs abides by the school policy which is often that all parents must wait until the class is finished to collect their child and can not enter the club. The only exception are our performance clubs where parents are invited to watch the show 20 minutes early.

What should I do if my child loses an item?2019-12-31T02:33:59+00:00

Please label all belongings. School Clubs are not responsible for lost items. Lost and Found items will be given to the school after the club and you may enquire about them when you drop off your child in the morning.

What will happen if my child acts up in class?2019-12-31T02:32:29+00:00

If a child is having difficulty controlling their behavior, we will try to redirect the inappropriate behavior by providing positive alternatives. The club leader will talk to the child privately to explain the behavior problem. Children may be directed to an individual activity (i.e. reading, puzzles) if the inappropriate behavior persists. Should the problem continue, the parents would be informed. When a child displays unusual behavior such as prolonged crying, tantrums, kicking, or biting, the behaviour officer and headteacher will be notified immediately. Depending on the severity of the behavior or where it is a recurring safety issue, the child may be dismissed from the club. This decision would be made after discussion with the parents, the club leader and the headteacher. School Clubs makes the final decision. Club leaders may ask your child to sit aside to calm down or talk with behaviour staff until they are no longer disruptive to the class. Club leaders accept toileting accidents as normal in this age group and will never single out or punish a child for the accident.

How are parents made aware of their children’s progress at School Clubs?2019-12-31T02:27:49+00:00

Our club leaders communicate with parents on a daily basis at drop-off and pick-up. We also schedule termly parent-mail during which we review and discuss children’s progress. Communication with parents is an important part of our clubs. Our club leaders, are always available to talk with parents.

Do you provide a sibling discount?2019-12-31T02:24:04+00:00

At present we do not provide a sibling discount however it is something that we are looking to implement in the next school year.

Do you provide snacks?2019-12-31T02:19:47+00:00

We do not provide any snacks or drinks at our clubs, however they are welcomed in a packed lunch if the school allow it. We will assign some time for your child to have a quick snack before the club activity. Please consult with the school directly and ask if snacks and drinks are allowed.

What happens if my child misses a club?2019-12-31T02:15:13+00:00

In the case of absence, you will not receive a refund or a make-up session for the day missed.

How do I cancel my club?2019-12-31T02:08:37+00:00

You may cancel or remove your child from our clubs at anytime.

If you cancel your club before the club’s first start date at any time and you will receive a full refund. In order to do this you must email [email protected] with your receipt number and a brief message about why you are canceling.

School Clubs does not issue refunds for clubs canceled after the club has started.

What payment gateway do you use?2019-12-31T02:05:50+00:00

School Clubs uses Stripe, a well-established, secure, credit card payment gateway service to process your credit card payment.

Which credit/debit cards do you accept?2019-12-31T02:05:16+00:00

We accept the following credit and debit cards:

  • Visa
  • American Express
  • MasterCard
Do you accept cash?2019-12-31T02:04:37+00:00

School Clubs is a club membership service, so all services are paid for upfront and before use by credit or debit card. We can’t support cash payments.

Why is my card being declined?2019-12-31T02:03:12+00:00

If your debit or credit card was declined, it’s normally to do with your bank’s automated fraud systems, and not with School Clubs or Stripe (our payment processor). If this happens to you, please make sure your credit card information is correct and try to submit it at least three times. If the transaction still doesn’t go through, you will need to call your bank to clear the transaction. Every time Stripe submits a charge request to your bank, its automated systems determine whether or not to accept the charge. In order to determine this, Stripe takes several things into consideration, including account balance and card expiration date.

Do you accept SEN children?2019-12-02T07:31:26+00:00

Yes, we are all inclusive. SEN children must be supported by a TA from the school

What type of space do you require?2019-12-02T07:30:45+00:00

We require a standard classroom space or any space which can comfortably fit up to 12 students

Who collects the register?2019-12-02T07:30:09+00:00

If parents book online with us, we will collect the register and share the school in.

Who administrated the club?2019-12-02T07:29:32+00:00

Parents can book online with us swiftly and easily. The school will receive full access to our back end where they can check up on the sign ups or we will invoice schools for the club.

Do you provide the materials?2019-01-17T08:46:55+00:00

Yes. We provide all the materials for all six of our Lego Clubs. Materials are brand new*, checked for safety and high quality official Lego / Lego compatible materials.

Can they take their creations home?2019-01-17T08:44:33+00:00

Club members are allowed to take home their builds upon instructions from the club leader. This may happen every two weeks, or at the end of a half term

What age group are you clubs for?2019-01-17T08:40:16+00:00

Our clubs are suitable for all ages. We start from age 1 and progressively tailor the materials and lesson accordingly for the increasing age group.

What is your minimum and maximum in a club?2019-01-17T08:38:24+00:00

The minimum number of students is determined on how much you are paying for the clubs.

For example:

  • clubs that cost £6.50 require a minimum of 14 students
  • clubs that cost £8.50 require a minimum of 12 students
  • clubs that cost £10.50 require a minimum of 10 students
  • clubs that cost £12.50 require a minimum of 8 students
  • clubs that cost £14.50 require a minimum of 6 students
  • clubs that cost £16.50 require a minimum of 4 students
Do you accept childcare vouchers?2019-01-17T08:36:44+00:00

No, we do not accept childcare vouchers.

How I sign up?2019-01-17T08:35:17+00:00

Parents must sign up for a space for their child directly online with us using our online secure booking system https://clubs.school/book/

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